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Tabletop Banner Stands

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Silverstep Tabletop Retractable Banner Stand 2ft wide x 45in to 54in High

Tabletop Retractable Pull Up Banner DisplayThe Silverstep retractable banners are ideal for trade sh..


Silverstep Tabletop Retractable Banner Stand 3ft Wide, 3ft or 5ft tall

Silverstep Tabletop Retractable Pull Up BannerThe Silverstep retractable banners are ideal for trade..


Silverstep Tabletop Retractable Banner Stand 4ft Wide, 36"or 59" High

Silverstep Tabletop Retractable Pull Up BannerThe Silverstep retractable banners are ideal for trade..


Silverstep Tabletop Retractable Banner Stand 5ft Wide, 3ft or 5ft High

Silverstep Tabletop Retractable Pull Up BannerThe Silverstep retractable banners are ideal for trade..


Tabletop Banner Stands Are Short, Sweet, and Informative

Tabletop banners can serve many uses, ranging from a backwall at small events, to very informative about a specific product or service you're offering. They're often used as buffers to give sales people more time to serve clients. As one person is being helped, the others can educate themselves, and give themselves time to come up with questions for you. Tabletop display banners offer the ability to sit up close to the action, allowing for high resolution images to show the most important features of your product or service. They're offered in either vinyl material for more high resolution images, or fabric for a matte finish that matches other fabric displays. The user friendly hardware allows for different graphic heights, and switching out graphics for new ones is easy once you get the hang of it. Graphics pack up small, making setup and takedown the simplest it could possibly be. Fabric prints

Things to Consider:

Tabletop banner stands can be situated either in the front of your trade show booth, sitting on your main table, or behind, serving as a backwall. As they're fairly easy to position due to their size, there are many areas where they're an appropriate fit. They can also serve as an informational display for POS or Point of sale areas.

There are many differences between vinyl and fabric prints. Each substrate has its own set of pros and cons. Vinyl prints offer the ability for higher resolution prints, allowing for high quality images. However if dented, it can be very difficult if not impossible to remove that dent. Fabric prints are more durable and offer a matte finish which can match other fabric display. However they can become wrinkled if the print isn't folded or rolled back into the display properly.

Silverstep Silver Finish Retractable Banner Hardware Only


  • Graphics pack up small for easy travel
  • High quality prints allow for detailed images to be presented up close
  • User friendly setup and take down
  • Durable & long lasting frames

Tabletop banners can be produced within 2 business days after approval of proofs. Have a deadline you need to meet? Let us know, we'd be happy to let you know if we can accommodate it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I clean my graphics if they get dirty?
A: Depending on the material, there can be several efficient ways to clean your prints. Vinyl prints can be wiped down with a simple cleaning solution. Fabric graphics may require washing through a cold cycle with an oxygen based detergent. Never place fabric prints in the dryer as they'll shrink. Instead, install them back on the frame and allow to dry.

Q: Are the displays small enough to fly with?
A: Typically table top banner stands pack up small enough to fit in overhead compartments, or as checked baggage. We recommend calling ahead and providing your airline with the overall dimensions of your display once packed up. You can find these dimensions on each product page under the specifications tab.

Q:Where should I store my display when it's not being used?
A: A cool & dry place would be best for your display in order to ensure the epoxies, inks, and plastics remain in good condition.

Q: How do I get wrinkles out of my banner?
A: Stretch fabric pillowcase banners can simply be placed on the frame and allowed to stretch over time. A steamer can also be used to speed up the process. When rolling graphics back into a retractable banner, be sure to roll them in straight, as they could bunch up on the sides. Be sure to roll them in slowly to ensure this is done correctly.

Tabletop display stands are best paired with printed table throws, tying your booth together with a combination of stylish and affordable. Table throws and tabletop displays are both incredibly easy to manage and travel with, making them a superior choice for exhibitors on the go.