Hanging Banners
Hanging Banners

Trade Show Hanging Banners

At Display Shop USA, we understand the importance of making a lasting impression at trade shows. Our high-quality, eye-catching trade show hanging signs and banners are designed to help your business stand out from the competition and attract more potential clients.

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Hanging Banners Provide A Competitive Edge

Ceiling Hung Skybox Banners take visibility to the next level. They offer seamless dye sublimated pillowcase graphics for a high quality print. Hardware is made of a lightweight aluminum tubing, ensuring the hanging banner fits most standard safety requirements for hanging in trade show and venue settings. Assembly is quick and easy, allowing for the tubing to button-snap connect, and graphics to slide on and zip up like a pillowcase. Graphics are taut when set up. Printed Hanging Displays are excellent for potential clients looking to locate you from far away on the show floor. In some cases, booths can be seen from across the expo with a hanging banner used. Offered in many shapes, heights, and widths. The Skybox hanging banner is versatile in its design as well. Pick the shape and size that fits not only your theme, but your booth size as well.

Hanging displays for trade show and in-store POP displays.Stretch fabric hanging banners dominate the trade show floor. From a distance that's all you can see. Utilizing the space above your booth is a great way to expend your advertising efforts and get your display found easier.

Hanging Banner Trade Show Booth

Portable, high visibility, and attractive.

Hanging banners showcase your product, brand, or message. Custom printed banners create a striking marketing display that attracts shoppers to your booth. These banner displays are specially designed for trade shows, conventions, and promotional events. Whether you’re looking for a tall banner, wide banner, hanging banner or a standing banner we have you covered. All our marketing banners provide lots of room for promoting products, graphic designs or simply to increase brand recognition. We offer several different styles, sizes and quality levels to choose from that are sure to meet your budget. All of our banner displays are portable and designed for easy setup and pack up. Our banner displays are made from aluminum for durability and lighter weights for lower cost shipping. They all pack up compact for easy transit and storage. Most displays come with a handy carry bag.

The custom printed banners are printed to your graphic designs or you may choose to have us design your banner for you. We print high resolution on either smooth opaque vinyl, display fabric or a stretch fabric material. The banner vinyl is a smooth opaque material that holds its shape and resists edge curling. The colors on vinyl are vibrant and really pop with its semi-gloss finish. Vinyl is easy to clean and long-lasting. All fabric banners are printed dye sublimation that provides deep rich colors. The fabric has a matte finish that is preferred for photo shoots. Fabric is popular with customers that have a fabric booth so the colors and material match. Make the most of your booth space, advertise to greater distances on the trade show floor.

Hanging Banner Hardware Button Snap Tubing

Things to Consider:

Venues that allow the use of hanging banners don't always allow the booth owner to perform the installation, rather the show installers. Be sure to read any information about the show's rules for installation.

Skybox style hanging banner displays are able to be lit from above, however lights will need to be balanced in order to allow for equal weight distribution. Lights are not typically recommended in conjunction with rotating motors with higher than  2 RPM.


  • Packs down small for easy travel, comes with travel bag
  • High quality dye sublimated fabric pillowcase graphics
  • Lightweight and user friendly frame allows for fast assembly
  • No small parts or pieces to lose
  • Allows for both interior and exterior printing

Hanging banners can be produced withing 3-5 business days after approval of proofs. Have a deadline you're looking to meet? Let us know and we'll give you a timeline.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What size and height hanging banner should I choose?
A: You'll need to base it within the bounds of the smallest booth you intend to use with it. For example, if you'd like to use the hanging banner for a 10'w x 10'd booth, the hanging banner's width will need to be 10'w or smaller. The taller your hanging banner, the more visible. It's also smart to Ensure your artwork matches the width, shape, and height of you hanging banner. If you have a very thin logo on a very tall hanging banner, it may look a bit off.

Q: Is the banner provided with the cables required to hang it?
A: Skybox hanging banners are shipped with the cable required to hang them. Need additional cable? Let us know and we'll be sure to send it with your display.

Q: What kind of artwork is typically put on a hanging banner?
A: Simple and clean, but eye catching. We recommend a logo, and perhaps a tagline. Bright colors that also match your brand work well. Repeating patters and logos work, because not all of the hanging banner will be visible from any angle. You'll want to be sure at least some element of your design is visible form all sides.

200lb Rotating Skybox Motor With Outlet

Skybox hanging banners are excellent to pair with Rotating Motors. Enhance both visibility and style, combined with elegance.

Why choose Display Shop USA’s hanging banner signs?

  • Visibility: Our exhibit hanging signs increase the visibility of your brand, ensuring attendees can easily spot your booth from anywhere in the event space.
  • Versatility: Whether you require circular, square, or custom shapes, our wide range of designs ensures there’s a perfect fit for your specific needs.
  • Easy Installation: Our user-friendly hanging systems make setting up and taking down your banners a breeze.
  • Professional Graphics: Display Shop USA’s expert design team can incorporate your brand’s logo, colors, and unique messaging to create impactful and memorable visual displays.

Capture the attention of marketing teams, advertising agencies, and small business owners at your next trade show with Display Shop USA’s exhibit hanging signs. Don’t wait--elevate your trade show marketing strategy today!