EZ Tube Displays
EZ Tube Displays

EZ Tube Displays and Backdrops

Fabric displays are a great choice when you want a chic and stylish display with more graphics and less frame. The fabric banners cover the frame completely so the tubular frame is not seen. Lightweight and easy to transport, designed to assemble in minutes.

EZ Fabric Displays Are Affordable & Easy Trade Show Marketing

Custom printed fabric displays are one of the best choices for grabbing attention and attracting potential clients. They allow for high-quality images to be displayed in large format. For the best results, we recommend keeping the backwall display concisely explaining who you are, and your best qualities. We also recommend a high quality image of either the services you offer, or even the products you offer. Fabric in particular is a popular choice due to its many benefits. Due to its matte finish, they're photogenic, as there's less potential for glare.

Fabric backwalls offer a sleek and professional look while remaining more affordable that their PVC and Laminate counterparts. There's less potential for permanent damage, as harder prints tend to get dents that can't be removed. Fabric is versatile, and getting a new print won't break the bank. We offer many varieties of backwalls, and each type hold their own type of value. Tube-based displays are lightweight, and show barely any frame, or none at all in the case of the curved ez-tube displays. SEG backwall displays offer seamless and easy to install prints along with a professional taut finish. Each print is easily replaceable, due to each side being an individual print as opposed to the entire display being wrapped by a single cover.

Things to Consider:

Graphic care can be important, and we recommend being prepared for a few eventualities. If graphics aren't packed properly, you may find wrinkles in when graphics are put on. The natural tension of the print will sort out most of the wrinkles over time, however there may be some residual wrinkles that stick around. A steamer may be used in this case, allowing for those stubborn wrinkles to relax in a much shorter time.

 Dye Sublimated Fabric Care Sheet

Fabric graphics may also become dirty or stained over time, and there are several ways to mitigate these issues. If you have the time, you can wash the graphic on a gentle cold cycle using an oxygen based detergent. Never place the graphics in the dryer. After the spin cycle, re-attach the graphics to the frame and allow them to dry over time.


Most fabric advertising displays can be produced within 2 business days, but some can go to 3-5 business days. We can meet most deadlines with approval from production first. Rush production is also available on our fabric backwalls.

Fabric backwall displays are an essential part of any booth, and are typically the first thing to catch a perspective client's eye. Establishing a professional booth dynamic is all about balance, and making sure you provide the right level on information on the correct displays. Retractable banners are superior for information delivery in larger doses, allowing for the individual to walk up to it and take in more about you. A beautiful display counter is also recommended, as it provides a proper stage for you to introduce and present yourselves.