Fabric Displays
Fabric Displays

Tension Fabric Displays

All our fabric displays are printed in full-color dye sublimation for crisp & vibrant marketing banners. Portable and affordable. Enhance your trade show display with stunning backdrops, towers, structures and hanging banners. 

Tension Fabric Displays Are Functional, Portable & Affordable

Fabric displays are popular for trade show booths since they are easy to ship, easy to use, and look amazing. When exhibiting in busy convention centers you don't have long to capture the attention of shoppers. Stunning full-color graphics make you look your best and stand out from the crowd. Large backdrops allow for high-quality images to be displayed in style. For the best results, we recommend keeping your graphic designs with concise wording explaining who you are, and what you do. We also recommend high-quality images of the products and services you offer. Fabric graphics have a matte finish, they're photogenic with less potential for glare. Call the Display Shop USA and let us help you design your next exhibit space.

Fabric display printing

We offer many varieties of fabric displays to meet your specific application needs. Exhibitors can choose from popup displays, tubular displays, and seg fabric frames.

EZ Tube Displays have poles that slide together and lock in place and lock in place with a push button snap to make the frame similar to putting up a tent. Then, simply pull the pillowcase-like graphic over the frame and zip it shut. The zipper is hidden from view, it tightens the stretch fabric beautifully displaying your image. The lightweight frame and graphic fit inside the included bag. Tube-style displays are used to make backdrops, booths, structures and hanging banners.

Popup Displays have a simple 2-minute setup makes it an ideal choice for marketing teams needing an easy-to-manage booth that's up and running fast. The lightweight aluminum alloy frame accordions open and the graphic easily attaches with a hook & loop fastener. Collapse the frame with the graphic attached and store it in the travel bag. Pop-Ups are a long time trade show favorite known for the fast set-up time and striking fabric graphics.

SEG Popup Displays combine the easy-to-use popup frame with innovative channel bars that hold SEG fabric banners. Available with and without lighting. Bright led ladder lights result in one truly amazing display. The SEG channel bars have grooves that hold the banner tautly in place which keeps the graphic smooth and flat all the way around, this is a huge improvement from the classic popup that is held only with small velcro sections.

Fabric banners and what you should know

Fabric display graphics

  1. Tension graphics and stretch graphics have just enough elasticity to remove the wrinkles yet tight-knit enough so they do not distort images when stretched. Soft fabric has a matte surface, the low glare is ideal for photo shoots.
  2. Fabric banners are printed with a dye-sublimation heat-transfer process. The design is printed in reverse on a transfer paper and heat-transferred with high pressure to polyester fabrics. The ink turns into a gas and “sublimates” itself into the fabric. Compared to direct solvent print to fabric, the dye-sublimation process provides more vibrant colors and high definition. Because of this process, fabric banners are machine washable on a gentle cycle with mild detergent.
  3. It's affordable and easy to replace the graphics for a fresh look for your next show. You can order right online or call us for custom sizes banners.
  4. Special care should be used when packing your graphics. Fold with ink to the inside and pack away in a protective bag or box. Your banner will have wrinkles when unfolded but don't worry the tension fabric material will remove most of the wrinkles over time. Some tough wrinkles may be a bit harder and a steamer may be used in this case, allowing for those stubborn wrinkles to relax in a much shorter time.
  5. Cleaning your fabric graphics, if the banners become dirty or stained over time there are several ways to mitigate these issues. If you have the time, you can wash the graphic on a gentle cold cycle using an oxygen-based detergent. Never place the graphics in the dryer. After the spin cycle, re-attach the graphics to the frame and allow them to dry over time.


Most fabric advertising displays can be produced within 2 business days, but some can go to 3-5 business days. We can meet most deadlines with approval from production first. Rush production is also available on our fabric backwalls.

Fabric backwall displays are an essential part of any booth, and are typically the first thing to catch a perspective client's eye. Establishing a professional booth dynamic is all about balance, and making sure you provide the right level on information on the correct displays. Retractable banners are superior for information delivery in larger doses, allowing for the individual to walk up to it and take in more about you. A beautiful display counter is also recommended, as it provides a proper stage for you to introduce and present yourselves.