Banner Stands
Banner Stands

Trade Show Portable Standing Banners

At Display Shop USA, we know the importance of making a lasting impression at trade shows. Our selection of trade show portable standing banners ensures your exhibit stands out from the crowd, attracting potential clients and partners.

Banner Stands are Portable, Affordable, and Easy To Manage

Banner stands are designed with a small footprint in mind, allowing for them to be positioned in high traffic areas. Each banner stand has it's own set of benefits, however they share many characteristics with each other. Each banner stand display is easy to setup and take down. They also pack up small, and graphics are simple to fold up or roll up into the base. They're an excellent choice for tradeshow displays due to their flexibility and footprint. Banner stands with fabric pair very well with other fabric displays, including large backwalls and even hanging banners.

Banner stands are portable advertisements that help your business get noticed and look great. Portable banners are printed full-color high resolution to provide rich and crisp images for your marketing designs. Our most popular display stands are the retractable banner stands, they are portable, super easy to display and your graphic is protected inside the base when not in use.  The display simply pulls up the graphic from the spring-loaded base and attach to the top of the pole. When your ready to go simply roll down the banner and pack in the handy carry bag. Banner displays are the perfect solution for trade show advertising, they have a small footprint but off a lot of space for promotions and branding.  Banner displays are tall to stand out from the competition within the sea of convention exhibitors. 

Non-retractable stands, including telescopic banners and our economy X banners are popular with retail environments, long term displays and one time use advertising. They are generally less expensive and some pack up very small for traveling. These displays consist of the graphic, a few support poles, and a simple base which equals less cost to the manufacturer then the retractable stands. Most have adjustable support poles, enabling some flexibility in the banner size.

Ez Circle Banner Display 3 Foot With Print

Things to Consider:

Portable banner stands can be used in a multitude of applications that may not immediately come to mind. Indoor or outdoor, they're meant to call attention to a perspective client and convey information to them. Where to put them and what you print on them can both be very important. You can be anywhere from highly informative, to attention grabbing and quick. Dye sublimation and vinyl graphics both allow for high definition printing, ensuring any product or service images you supply will come out perfectly. Vinyl offers the highest quality, dye sublimated the second best, and mesh fabric third.


  • Graphics and frame pack up small for easy travel
  • Durable and long lasting frames
  • User friendly setup and take down
  • High quality prints allow for detailed images to be printed

Silver Step 48 Inch With Print

Banner Stands can typically be produced within 3-4 business days after approval of proofs. We're able to meet many deadlines, even closer ones. Have a date you'd like us to meet? Let us know and we'll give you a timeline of when to submit your files, when we need approval, and what shipping method you'll most likely need.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I clean my graphics if they get dirty?
A: Depending on the material, there can be several efficient ways to clean your prints. Vinyl prints can be wiped down with a simple cleaning solution. Fabric graphics may require washing through a cold cycle with an oxygen based detergent. Never place fabric prints in the dryer as they'll shrink. Instead, install them back on the frame and allow to dry.

Q: What should I print on my banner to attract more attention?
A: It can be difficult to say exactly what you should print, however there's science behind several types of advertising. We recommend high quality photos of your products or services, allowing the viewer to see who you are and what you offer. People tend to identify with other people, so showing a user's experience may help. Smaller, up front, and more in-the-action displays can provide people with highly specified information. 

Q:Where should I store my display when it's not being used?
A: A cool & dry place would be best for your display in order to ensure the epoxies, inks, and plastics remain in good condition.

Q: How do I get wrinkles out of my banner?
A: Stretch fabric pillowcase banners can simply be placed on the frame and allowed to stretch over time. A steamer can also be used to speed up the process. When rolling graphics back into a retractable banner, be sure to roll them in straight, as they could bunch up on the sides. Be sure to roll them in slowly to ensure this is done correctly.

Banner stand displays are suitable in both solo projects and in tradeshow booths. They pair very well with other fabric displays, including large backwalls and even hanging banners.

Your banner will showcase your brand with our easy-to-assemble and easy-to-transport banners. Our premium materials provide a polished look, perfect for marketing teams and advertising agencies. The sleek design of our retractable banner stands allows for quick setup and breakdown, making it an ideal choice for any business. Elevate your exhibit with a portable and eye-catching retractable standing banner. At Display Shop USA, we offer fully customizable options suited to meet the needs of any business or organization. 

Join the ranks of satisfied Display Shop USA customers and optimize your trade show advertising efforts today. With our professional-grade products, you can expect quality and impact in every display.