Pinwheel Hanging Banner
Pinwheel Hanging Banner

Skybox Pinwheel Shaped Hanging Banners

Pinwheel Shaped Skybox Banner Displays

Unique hanging banners are an excellent way to get yourself noticed. Lightweight but sturdy aluminum button-snap tubing makes for an affordable hardware choice. Graphics are made of dye sublimated stretch fabric, and slip over the assembled frame like a pillowcase. Graphics zip up once on frame, ensuring tautness.

Skybox hanging banners are the most popular for of hanging banners found at expos and venues. They allow for high quality fabric graphics to be displayed over great distances, and are often far more affordable and use friendly then their counterparts.

Things to Consider:

Pinwheel hanging banners are best used along with spinning motors. They allow all parts of the banner to be seen, and allow for the style of the pinwheel to be fit the aesthetic of the overall hanging banner. The pinwheel can have printing on both the interior and exterior wings, making for some interesting artwork layouts. A pinwheel skybox hanging banner provides an eye-catching style, and is best matched by an equally interesting booth. As we do with other hanging banners, we recommend matching the style & aesthetic of your booth in general.

Spinning Motors are an excellent way to get yourself noticed. Increase visibility of flatter hanging banners by increasing their viewable angles.

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